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We often look across stories of successful leaders in our fields. You may wonder what makes these people so unique, what they are like, and how they become so successful.

Whats in there for me by Mukul Jain

What’s in it for me?

A staggering 70% of digital transformation project fails, even at some of the world’s most profitable, innovative organizations.
Failure to effectively communicate about goals, strategy, purpose and outlook about the projects to the stakeholders is a costly mistake.

Reopening Singapore

The organizations and leadership teams will have to ensure compliance with the safety procedures to ensure the safety and security of employees, clients, and partners. In this process, it is equally essential to create psychological safety for returning the employees.

Breaking out of Commoditization

It is harder to structure an approach to an unstructured process of creating new business models. But can you afford to think linearly in this exponential age? Business models can last for a long time but do not last forever, and in today’s context, they don’t even last for long. The most significant risk a company can take is to decide not to create new business models that decouple the company’s future from that of current core business models in play.

Ageless innovation and non-stop value creation

Successful companies shift the base of competition, and their ability to change the basis of innovation keeps their offerings ageless. They start with the focus on performance and functionality through product innovations and shifts towards increasing reliability through process innovations. Eventually, innovating new business models that deliver convenience, speed, and personalized experience.

About Me

I have 20+ years of experience working in a B2B industry segment for a Technology and Services Global multi-national company. Track record of delivering value by executing growth strategies across the Asia Pacific and Global clients. Creating value by driving transformation projects.

Experience including managing sales, operations, and consulting teams. Managing P&L and EBITDA in multi-region, multi-year services business. Technology background in Cloud, IT Infrastructure, End-user support, Smart-building and Application business development in Asia and International clients.

Before Getronics, I founded two startups developing e-commerce and unified communications business, setting up a logistics supply chain to deliver products in 20+ countries. I have an MBA from INSEAD and Bachelor’s in Computer Science.

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